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Our Guarantee

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee

By design, GOPHER REMOVAL AND PEST CONTROL – CATCH team members are prompt, responsive, courteous, and reliable. We understand that the ultimate compliment a customer can give is repeat business.

Our guarantee to you? Firstly we guarantee get rid of your burrowing rodent (gopher, mole, rat, vole or ground squirrel) problem. Secondly, if your experience with us ever feels less than amazing, we will make things right — right away. We have a 100% total satisfaction guarantee for your protection. (But don’t worry, we won’t return your gophers!)

What’s more, each of our gopher trappers and exterminators are personally trained by Dean Jacobs and are very passionate about what they do. All of us at “TEAM CATCH” are excited to help protect your property from burrowing pest damage.

All of the above means that we’ll not only work hard to impress you, but we also guarantee fantastic results.

How Guaranteed Service Works

Get Your Clean Bill of Health Today!

Upon our initial consultation, GOPHER REMOVAL AND PEST CONTROL – CATCH works with each customer to determine the best approach, method and number of expected treatment visits for each property. In order to eradicate your property from gophers and other burrowing pest, it may take more than one round of treatments to completely remove the infestation.  To receive your Clean Bill of Health 30-Day Guarantee, all pest activity from the property must be eradicated. We guarantee completed results! Our Guarantee starts with making sure we have completed each and every job first.

To receive a complimentary, no-obligation estimate and learn more about our services, contact us today via email, or call (805) 409-9090.