​CATCH - Gopher Removal and Pest Control is a full-service pest control company specializing in the removal and extermination of burrowing rodents causing damage to your home and property. At CATCH® - Gopher Removal and Pest Control, we work hard to keep you, your family, pets, and property safe. Contact the experts today! Call (805) 409-9090. Extension 0 and get started.

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Mole, vole and gopher removal can be a tough task. The professionals at GOPHER REMOVAL AND PEST CONTROL - CATCH make it easy and affordable. If you are suffering from mole, vole, gopher or other pest damage to your property, call us today! GOPHER REMOVAL AND PEST CONTROL - CATCH serves Ventura, Orange and Greater Los Angeles County. Whether it’s trapping moles or clearing gophers, we have the experience and expertise you need.